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PPG High Performance CoatingsPPG Industries: Bringing innovation to the surface
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PPG's High Performance Coatings is a brand of PPG Protective & Marine Coatings.  These high-quality brands are recognized throughout North America. 


Available in both a solvent-based high gloss epoxy topcoat and a water-based epoxy primer and finish (low VOC), Aquapon® is a versatile polyamide-epoxy system offering excellent chemical, abrasion, and mar resistance.


Coal Cat® is a resinous cured coal tar epoxy coating intended for heavy industrial coating systems for immersion and extreme environmental resistance. It is ideal for tanks, pipes and structural steel in heavy industrial areas. It can earn USGBC and LEED 2009 credits.


The DuraPrep® industrial and commercial surface preparation products include environmentally compliant coating removers, graffiti remover systems, cleaners and degreasers, concrete profiling, and specialty products. DuraPrep™ products perform as well or better than harsh chemical common in the industry today.


Durethane® is offered as a moisture cure zinc primer providing galvanic protection over bare steel and a low VOC direct-to-metal topcoat with outstanding adhesion and UV protection. It can be used on interior or exterior environments.

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Fast Dry’s alkyd enamel technology makes it easy to apply. Dry to touch in just 15 minutes means quick turnaround time for production efficiency. Its hard durable finish offers excellent abrasion resistance.

HPC High Gloss Epoxy

The PPG HPC High Gloss Epoxy is a two-component polyamine–epoxy coating with over 80% volume solids and a low–VOC which give it excellent coverage and meets governmental regulations in most states. The hard “tile–like” finish and super high gloss features make it suitable for use in architectural applications on walls and floors for ease of application and cleaning. The epoxy backbone of this coating also makes it the choice for light duty industrial applications where good abrasion resistance and chemical resistance are required for interior storage tanks, beams, machinery, piping, school lockers, etc.


MegaSeal™ is a versatile flooring program offering epoxies, urethanes, and water-based products for complete flooring protection. MegaSeal™ features anti-slip, self-leveling, resurfacing, thin film, and patching products to meet light commercial to demanding flooring projects.

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Available as a shop primer for ferrous metal and a gloss alkyd enamel topcoat, MetalCase™ is appropriate for interior and exterior applications.


A heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant zinc primer for ferrous metal surfaces, Megtalhide® is a perfect choice for industrial environments. As either a primer or a lining for tanks, it offers galvanic corrosion protection and excellent resistance to organic solvents.


MULTIPRIME® low VOC primers are inhibitive metal primers for use on ferrous metal or aluminum substrates. They may be topcoated with a variety of topcoats including epoxy, vinyl, urethane or conventional finishes. FOR METAL SUBSTRATES ONLY.


Pitt-Guard® is a surface tolerant epoxy that can be applied direct-to-rust. Easy to use and ideal for a variety of interior and exterior environments, it offers excellent adhesion to minimally prepared surfaces and tightly adhering rust.


Pitt-Tech™ is 100% waterborne acrylic enamel that is available as a primer and as a topcoat. Its low odor, low VOC characteristics can help your project earn LEED 2009 credits. .


PITT-THERM® high heat and stress corrosion coating is intended for use on austenitic stainless and carbon steel to provide protection against chloride attack and stress corrosion cracking on both insulated and uninsulated surfaces.


Pitthane® is a high performance urethane enamel that provides excellent long-term gloss and color retention and superior chemical, mar, and abrasion resistance. It can be used on interior and exterior surfaces and also on flooring.


Sil-Shield™ is a high gloss silicone alkyd enamel that offers superior fade and chemical resistance and excellent gloss retention. It is ideal for use on tanks, piping, and structural steel.


SPEEDHIDE® is a family of dry fog products available in alkyd, acrylic latex, vinyl acrylic latex, and epoxy ester formulas. Designed for interior applications, the overspray may be wiped or swept away with a dry cloth or brush.

Other Products

PPG High Performance Coatings also offers interior / exterior industrial oil, cementitious waterproofing block filler, interior industrial enamel and rust inhibitive primers appropriate for interior and exterior steel and metal applications.

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